George Lim

George Lim

George Lim was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1958. As the first born son to retired 30 year Naval Lieutenant JG Submarine forces, Gertrudo G. Lim & Japanese immigrant Mother, Etsuko Lim, he is of Filipino-Chinese & Japanese decent.

Lim began his training in Kenpo in 1972; learning his basics & Arnis de Mano, Filipino arts from Master Guro Danny Cepeda and Master Rudy Serrano. He continued his training in Kenpo under Chief Al Tejero with CHA-3 Kenpo of Hawaii and began to teach in 1973.

In 1982 Lim was promoted to black belt by Professor Marino Tiwnak of CHA-3 Kenpo Karate Brotherhood Club of Hawaii. In 1984 he opened his own school.

All of Lim's senior rank promotions came directly from Sijo Adriano Emperado of KSDI and Grandmaster Xizu Allen Abad of Abad's Martial Arts International.

Lim's training & teaching have been exclusively Kenpo with an influence in the Filipino Arts.

George Lim is the head patriarch of Lim Family Martial Arts.
Under Great Grandmaster Vince Black, Lim studies & practices traditional Chinese Medicine. Lim receives guidance & advisement from Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu.


There are 18 schools under his direction:
Arizona: 8
Portugal: 4
South Dakota: 1
Wyoming: 1
Austria: 1
Sweden: 1

Black Belts

Professor ranks: 1
6th-7th deg. Ranks: 3
3rd-5th deg. Ranks: 21
1st generation black belts: 60
2nd & 3rd generation black belts: 67