Lim Kenpo Karate is a family-oriented karate school in Rapid City, and is rooted in a long tradition of Hawaiian Kenpo.

Lim Kenpo was brought to South Dakota by Professor Coree McCabe. She leads Lim Kenpo Karate South Dakota, with her husband Kyle, in the Rapid City area. Professor Coree trained directly under Papa George Lim in Arizona before moving to the Black Hills.
Jung Si George Lim

Papa George Lim

We trace our lineage through Papa George Lim, founder and patriarch of Lim Family Martial Arts, and Hanshi Patrice Lim, to Professor Marino Tiwanak, to Sijo Adriano Emperado. With advisory and influence from Grandmaster Allen Abad, ‘Õlohe Solomon Kaihewalu, and Dai Shihan Ted Tabura.
Senior Professor Patrice Lim

Hanshi Patrice Lim

Tradition + Evolution

Lim Kenpo is a traditional school of martial arts, but features a progressive way. Hawaii Kenpo blends Chinese and Hawaiian techniques with a focus on devastating an opponent using multiple strikes, kicks, and blocks, continuously and in unison, earning a reputation for being 'moko moko,' or dirty fighting.

But we're about much more than just techniques. We strive to help each student be the best child, parent, spouse, sibling, neighbor, employee, boss, or citizen that they can be. At its foundation, this is about making a positive impact on our community.

We inspire and push our students to be more, and do more, than they ever thought they could. Qualities such as respect, self-control, discipline, courtesy, perseverance, integrity, humility, and honesty are all important parts of the way we learn, practice and live - and our program is designed to build these qualities in our students, teaching and reinforcing them along with self-defense techniques.

We believe it is our responsibility as individuals and an organization to make a positive difference in our communities. Lim Kenpo has been involved with charities like MDA, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Make A Wish, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Support Our Troops, and various dog rescue organizations.

Malama Ohana

There are two concepts in Hawaiian culture that we take and hold equally important: Ohana and Aloha. The blending of these two dynamic principles is foundational to Lim Kenpo.


Students train techniques, but learn and grow in other ways

Ohana means family, but it is a much deeper concept. In our way, not just blood relatives, but also adoptive and 'honorary' family, and close friends; those like-minded people you love and respect and want to be around, serve, protect, and share life with.

Aloha is a word of deep and varied meaning, including such things as peace, joyful sharing, unity, and harmony. It literally means Hello, goodbye, and love, but Aloha is a way of life.

Lim Kenpo is Ohana. Whether you are a student or the dedicated parent or family member who brings their student to and from class, we are Ohana and we live and train together in the spirit of Aloha.