Our martial arts classes in Rapid City are currently held three days a week. Lim Kenpo is also available for self defense seminars or a Kenpo demonstration at your location.

Lim Kenpo Classes in Rapid City:
3808 Sheridan Lake Road

  • 6:30pm Kids Kenpo*
  • 7:30pm Adults Kenpo
Wednesday Thursday
  • 6:30pm Family Kenpo**
  • 7:30pm Adult Kenpo

* Ages 8+
** Ages 5+, requires at least one parent and one child enrolled, present, and participating

If you're interested in martial arts lessons, we encourage you to come check out a class for free. Watch or participate to make sure it's the right fit for your goals! Please »EMAIL us or call 605-389-3864 to set up an appointment.

Group Classes

Attending martial arts classes regularly improves the student's retention of material and gives them the opportunity to forge relationships with other students.

martial arts classes

Students in martial arts class

We encourage all our students to attend as many group lessons as possible to keep their training fresh and effective.

Our martial arts classes include warm-ups, basic drills, traditional and non-traditional instruction in blocks, kicks, punching, stances, empty-hand defense techniques, kata, weapons, and Kenpo history.

Individual Practice

As important as it is to attend class regularly, it is also necessary to practice outside the class! Individual practice will help students retain what they've learned, and prepares them for new material while also instilling discipline and good study habits. Practice makes permanent!

Private Lessons

Private or semi-private martial arts lessons are also available by appointment for any enrolled student. These focused, 30 minute lessons help students refine their techniques, develop their weaknesses, and become stronger martial artists.

Self Defense Seminars

Self-defense seminars can be a great way to help the people in your club, organization, or family be more safety and security conscious. It's also great for team-building, stress-relief, and socializing!

Our "intro" seminar will focus on critical aspects of self defense:

  • Awareness
  • Threats
  • Mindset
  • Techniques

Contact us if you would like to talk about scheduling a class.


While we discourage "showing off," we also understand watching high-energy activities can be entertaining and inspiring.

If you're holding an event for your group or organization and would like an engaging, high-energy kenpo demonstration, we can provide.

From self-defense techniques, to weapons forms and brick breaking, we'd love to show your audience what we do!

Contact us if you would like to talk about scheduling a demonstration.